Every organisation has some level of security but is it enough to protect from the cybercriminals costing Australians more than $229 million every year which makes it essential to have the best level of security for your organisation. Whether it be a basic antivirus to protect your devices, custom configured wirefall to protect the networkcredential monitoring to protect your ID, email security to avoid spam/ phishing attached or extra layers of security on for your cloud service Crofti has the expertise.


Antivirus a must for every organisation and is an excellent option for the small getting started organisation that doesn’t have a lot of intellectual property to keep safe.

By backing up your data to a secondary cloud, you'll no longer need to maintain any form of local storage, meaning the associated inefficiency, space limits and risk of corruption or theft are all but removed.

For the organisation medium to large; or that has a lot of valuable intellectual property to keep safe. Firewalls like antivirus need to be regularly updated with the latest rules and security policies to be effective.

This service helps identify data breaches and identify theft by scouring the Dark Web (everywhere Google isn’t) with sophisticated intelligence that proactively monitors for your organisations compromised or stolen data.

Are your emails protected against spam and phishing attacks? Making sure you have the latest security measures in place for Office 365, GSuite or devices located emails.