Redfoot Sports


RedFoot Sport is the brainchild of Scott, who originally came to CROFTi with a desire to assist individuals with finding other likeminded sports team fans in their area. Scott tried existing social media platforms, but found the likes of Facebook as information overload and hard to find the information you’re actually interested in.

Scott brought this trouble area and the idea of a tailored online community for sports fans, to CROFTi. In Scott’s own words:

“So before I started with CROFTi I was just going around in circles. I knew what my idea was and I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Once I moved with CROFTi initially I had this sudden upsurge in results.”

CROFTi and Scott partnered to not only bring his idea to life, but turn an idea into a business start-up. This was achieved through market research and testing of ideas. Together we found another problem that existed in the marketplace, that of pubs and clubs losing money to individuals deciding to spend time at their own locations. Partnering this need with the need of the sports community that Scott had already identified, it became clear that RedFoot Sport could assist both. The benefit of venues being able to directly market events to those who want to attend is invaluable, and assists the fan community with facilitation of meet-ups to watch games.

” I had two gaps in my knowledge that I now see; there’s the technical side of things and the business side of things and CROFTi fills both of those for me. They’ve enabled me to achieve some direction which has made things a lot easier for me.”

When CROFTi works with someone on a business kickstart, we get excited! Disrupting industries and filling needs is what we love so we can’t help but work to get the best results possible.

“The other thing that I really like is how much they’ve bought into Redfoot Sport. I’ve worked with quite a few people within CROFTi but in particular Lucas, Isaac and Lachie. They’re really sharing my journey, they really come along for the ride. They’re showing passion for Redfoot Sport which is really nice, you’ve got this company that’s working for you that you’re paying and it would be quite easy for some companies just to take the money and do the job whereas I feel like CROFTi are coming along for the journey and really taking some ownership of it.”