Holmwood Australia


As a family owned business for over 40 years, Holmwood Highgate have seen a lot of growth in staff and technology. For a long time they’ve had their technology support handled internally. A small team with some very tech savvy staff made it feasible to keep things internal. Over time though as the team grew the IT support need started to become a full time job by itself and staff who had been hired for specific engineering roles were now finding it hard to meet their own deadlines. The time had come to allow the staff to get back to doing what they do best, but to do that meant a strong partnership with an IT support company who could listen, respond and provide valuable support services.

As with many relationships, the process was taken slowly to make sure it was a good fit for both sides of the relationship. Whilst we will also provide the standard IT fixes, we’re passionate about keeping the business ahead of the rest with tech, so a strong understanding of their mission and goals is needed.

CROFTi has been providing IT support services to Holmwood Highgate for the past 3 years. The support services go well beyond the standard, reactive support that is typical in the industry. CROFTi has taken a traditional manufacturing business from old, inflexible email systems through to a secured cloud infrastructure for emails and applications. There’s still some legacy ERP software that’s been in place for the past 25 years within the business that needs to be maintained. As a result, we’ve developed another relationship with the vendor to better understand their direction and the best ways to ensure that Holmwood Highgate is getting the best performance and outcomes from the incumbent systems that are difficult to change. With that, we’ve modernised their working practices with a hybrid setup of local server infrastructure to cater for the legacy ERP as well as the high demands of their AutoCAD and modelling workloads in conjunction with migration of their email and data services to the cloud.

Too often companies focus on the big ticket items, trying to squeeze another 1% performance from and ERP or other ‘main’ applications. Whilst this can be of great benefit, it shouldn’t be to the exclusion of all the highly valuable but often overlooked supporting services. Things as simple as management of meetings, room bookings, stationary and custom inventory management and even company culture can all be improved with tech. That’s where CROFTi has been able to provide many efficiencies through a structured approach to how the business delivers their services across all business departments.

With some great forward thinking and buy in from the company’s senior management, we’re now digging deeper into innovation and ideas from the Holmwood Highgate team to make their manufacturing process future proofed and world-class. They’ve set a lofty goal for their companies future and tech is what will get them there. CROFTi continues to listen and deliver across the company and looking forward to bringing more innovative ideas to implement to the table.