Forward Ink


Forward Ink – An Australian owned and operated company specialising in Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and consumables for Printers, Photocopiers and Facsimile Machines. Their primary focus is on great service covering a wide range of products spread across all OEM , Compatible and Generic Brands.

“Forward Ink has the ability to ship product Australia wide within a matter of days. And more importantly guarantees all product delivered.“

The Challenge:

The company lacked knowledge and fluency in the back office, relying on antiquated systems & processes. They had been doing everything manually, recording important data without the assurance of data security.

Our Solution:

The team at CROFTi initially started with a Discovery Session. We were able to understand their current challenges by listening to the client, what they’ve tried and what has and hasn’t worked. Now understanding their goals and what they aspired to achieve for their business, we introduced the CROFTi way, bringing to life new concepts and strategies.

As part of these new concepts and strategies we redesigned all sales and operation processes for the business, and then implemented the cloud CRM Zoho with integration into the client’s choice of MYOB and Neto.

Instead of Forward Ink needing to constantly check when clients need to be contacted, the system now notifies when client contact is required and takes sales staff through the sales process. Once orders have been placed the system handles the heavy lifting of communicating with the client concerning their order and any future items that may be of interest. When it comes to the double handling of data and issues with reporting, these are now issues of the past with all software fully integrated and sharing data appropriately. For Forward Ink this provides one fluent business solution.


Forward Ink was able to envision what the end-result would look like and experience the benefits innovation brings to a business. Their vision is constantly evolving, and now they have a firm business and digital backbone that can grow with them.