Eliminate tedium with TRIBU

All MSPs (Managed Service Providers) & related IT professionals take notice! You’re going to want to hear all about CROFTI’s TRIBU Intelligent Helpdesk. An app which virtually eliminates the need to provide Level 1 Support manually, TRIBU automates customer service and IT support using AI. It allows you to run your helpdesk 24/7 and fits with your existing systems. You can even let the Bot do all the work while you sleep!

Less robotic & far more real

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the brain behind TRIBU. This function of our app takes the everyday language that a user inputs and makes meaningful decisions from it. You know, the kind of intuitive cognitive reception that an actual living, breathing human might make –– only with the capability to operate without a need for sustenance & sleep ie. your helpdesk can now operate 24/7!

Automatic receipt of requests is just the beginning; here’s what else TRIBU can do:
  • Respond to clients
  • Inform your staff in real time
  • Fix Level 1 IT issues
  • Categorise urgency of tasks


Your personal tribe

What’s truly priceless about The TRIBU Membership? It’s the people inside. They aren’t just exceptional business owners, they’re an exceptional community –– driven by belief in the power of tech. Your results in life are a direct reflection of the company that you keep and with access to this exclusive community, you’ll be surrounded by the world’s best and brightest.

To sign up for TRIBU and become one of the first 100 foundation members click here:


How it works

A seamless integration between your existing IT helpdesk software, PSA, Teams communication and TRIBU Artificial Intelligence allows you to:

Stop losing clients to bad customer service. Improve your customer service without over resourcing. ​

Win over more customers with less effort. Give them the high level of customer service they deserve. ​

Always wanted to have a 24/7 IT helpdesk? Well, now you can! Let the Bot do the work while you sleep!