Protect your business by preventing data loss

To fail to plan; is to plan to fail. With a disaster plan in place, our disaster recovery IT professionals will aim to recover lost data and minimise any potential downtime. Without this, you run the risk of data loss and extended periods of denied access.

Plan to recover smoothly

If your organisation suffers a breach, a ransomware attempt or otherwise loses data, your systems can simply be reset –– with all of your stored data downloaded from cloud storage. With one of CROFTI’s disaster recovery plans, your important documents, client records and sensitive information are protected & securely stored.

How cloud storage works:

Cloud storage means uploading data to a network of remote connected servers, which is a much better option than filling up your computer’s hard drive. Naturally, this also gives you better back-up. CROFTI can assist with cloud migration so you can easily transfer/maintain important applications & information and enjoy access from anywhere. 

Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a form of cyberattack where hackers gain access to your business’s sensitive files and information, preventing you from accessing this data and offering to return it only on the grounds that you pay a ransom. The figures demanded by these hackers can vary, and paying the ransom does not always guarantee the safe return of your data.

Alleviating Ransomware dangers:

By having a CROFTI disaster recovery plan in place, you can rest easy. Should any of your data be stolen or remotely deleted, it will be promptly recovered and returned. Those who committed the ransomware attempt will be swiftly shut out.

Our business continuity services

Our business continuity IT specialists can turn a recovery process that typically lasts four to five days, into one that takes just four to five minutes! We have options for the budget-conscious right through to who need to get back online ASAP.

Budget-friendly backup & recovery:
  • Local system backups to a local device; no offsite (not recommended)
  • Local system to offsite backup; usually a 12 – 48-hour turn around on restore
Optimal backup & recovery:
  • Local system business continuity solution; backups onsite and offsite with a 10 minute restore time
  • Cloud to Cloud backup; 1-3 hour restore times depending on the size
  • Spare device policies and procedures are also included as part of a backup and recovery solution