Excavate scope for renewed opportunity

What if we told you a CROFTI Innovation Workshop is much less about our team giving you a lecture and much more about opening up business owners to the many benefits of unlearning. We’d forgive you for thinking that this all sounds a bit new-agey. However, you can rest assured that excavating entrenched ways of being and doing is a central tenet in business process management.

Tapping into the source for better solutions


Using the universal formula for business:

Understanding that your business isn’t all that special can actually be very liberating! Don’t get the wrong idea –– we don’t mean you aren’t unique in what you offer. What we do want you to realise is that your business problems aren’t isolated from the collective experience. Therefore, there’s always a standard formula for dealing with them. This directly relates to one or more of the central pillars that underpin any business.

What are the six key intertwined pillars?

  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Teams

What can mapping systems and processes do to improve your business?

By uncovering the exact nature of problems in your business, you become empowered by a new clarity in knowing how to manage & resolve them. The potential to identify which specific parts in the pipeline can be automated using technology quickly becomes apparent.

You can also plan for required changes in innovation, including understanding which aspects of your business it will impact, and use this to guide your budget and risk management. Often an entire series of tasks can easily be changed to an online system where there is little to no human input. This gives your business better capability to scale and also means consistent output/more effective reporting.