Vastly improve IT efficiencies with a Virtual CIO

Have you often thought you could do with a more focused approach to strategy, but you don’t necessarily have the budget and/or scope to hire a professional in-house? In outsourcing a CIO from CROFTI, you can access a real competitive edge –– one that you might miss out on otherwise. We’re extensively experienced within the field of IT & technology, so you rely on us to deliver on the key objectives of this vital component of your business.

Save time & money

The decision to engage an outsourced CIO often comes down to the principles of opportunity cost and comparative advantage. It’s Economics 101! Having a dedicated expert frees up your people to concentrate on the tasks they were actually hired to do. This solves the problem of energy spread too thin, or a gap in skill-sets driving a disconnect in mitigating risk & directing the IT spend.

Riding the new wave in remote working:
  • If you’re requiring the services of CIO but can’t justify hiring a full-time resource, then CROFTI’s remote service is for you.
  • There are many flow-on advantages that come from adopting and/or embracing the “remote working lifestyle”.
  • As one the fastest moving technology industry trends in 2020 & beyond (especially in relation to cloud services), outsourcing can give you much-needed support to expand. 

Your trusted advisor

Yes, as your Virtual CIO, we will work remotely. But that doesn’t mean we won’t work closely. A CROFTI consultant will communicate in-depth with your IT team/any other relevant parties to draw out the most relevant context for astute decision-making. Trust us to understand your objectives in setting your long term IT & business goals.

What you can expect from a CROFTI Virtual CIO:
  • The difference between our role and that of your internal staff is in our technical advisory capabilities, which take in the wider span of your business. 
  • We will open up your playing field to a wealth of previously unexplored opportunities related to the introduction of new & improved IT efficiencies. 
  • This may be facilitated by technology deployment, or through a game-changing adjustment to your existing systems.

How does a Virtual CIO operate?

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (Virtual CIO) should –– at the very least –– perform the same duties as a conventional C-Suite executive of the same type. At CROFTI, we will formulate strategic goals, plan budgets and scour your processes and systems. But our services don’t stop there!


Infrastructure Management (IT)
  • Organise & control the functions of hardware, software and networking
  • Reduce the operational costs of the business through technology
  • Boost profit margins by improving IT efficiencies, eg. by minimising downtimes


Finance and Risk Management (IT)
  • Manage and maintain a business technology budget
  • Meet and exceed KPIs
  • Evaluate the chance of loss and harm associated with adoption/change in the operation of IT systems & processes


Growth Strategy Consultancy (IT)
  • Respond to competition and market changes
  • Keep the business technology reliable and relevant but also prepare for future changes with flexibility
  • Implement a successful plan to capture a larger share of the market