Boost profits with new & improved products

You’ve dreamed up a whiz-bang concept for a new thing-a-ma-jig. But how do you turn it into a product that sells? Yes, the new product development process starts with product ideation. You might think of it as a more structured brainstorm process, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s crucial that ideas be transformed into profitable outcomes. That’s the epicentre of our focus here at CROFTI –– in helping you build and boost better products!

Get to know your market


Shining a light on product ideation:

Let’s face it, you might think that your product is the best thing since sliced bread but will your target market agree? The creation of innovative products calls for sharp strategy, in-depth research and agile product development. Using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, CROFTI can help you gauge the expected profitability of your new product and manage risk.


Diversify your existing product range

It might feel like a juggling act when you want to add new products to an existing range, but we can help make sure you don’t drop the ball. Count on CROFTI to show you the type of strategy that will best meet your objectives.


Product development and diversification are fancy terms for expanding the original market for a product. The obvious goal here is to increase the volume of sales associated with an existing product line. Diversification may be the shot of adrenaline that your business needs.

How we help develop products

CROFTI can help to bring your new business concept, innovative plans for your existing business, or a new idea for an app/software/tech product –– to life. This is the program which we call Product Kickstart.


Our easy to understand process starts with market needs analysis, moving to conceptualisation & scoping, to development, testing & feedback, and finally to initial release.  

We will hold weekly meetings with your development team and test features as they become available. As each feature is completed, we will provide quality assurance on the work undertaken, partnering with developers to ensure all items work as expected.