Consultancy on tap for innovation that goes the distance

We dig out your hidden opportunities through employee interviews and develop improved systems and processes, based on our conclusive findings. It’s no small claim; our strategy can drive a significant improvement in your KPIs, for real and actionable change. This works best in the long-term when implemented alongside a steadfast commitment to education & training. CROFTI can help you project manage and provide ongoing thought leadership on innovation –– with the aim that your company experiences groundbreaking change, for good.

Employee interviews empower your organisation



The CROFTI interview process: 

Find out where your business is at, and uplift your enterprise from the quagmire of the day-to-day. Our revelatory system of conducting employee interviews is an important part of business process management and allows us to achieve your desired outcomes. It’s simple but powerful: speaking with your team members uncovers great ideas. It further develops the path of innovation; a cathartic experience which happens from the inside out.

Training & education beyond the project lifecycle 

CROFTI will provide guidance throughout all the essential project milestones in the innovation process –– through to implementation AND beyond. Imagine the following scenario: the implementation of new technology has been finalised within an organisation but training is required to make sure staff know how to exactly how to use it. That’s the supreme value of ongoing education & training, and we will provide the right advice to put your team in good stead. 


Sometimes the innovation process can feel like an extreme hike! Along the way you can lose a bit of motivation and clarity, so we’re here to help pick you up when you lose steam. Our Innovation Journey package involves innovation thought leadership, with the goal of cementing your business transition for the better. 

Tailored & fully flexible innovation consultancy

We understand that you’re looking to access tenable and transcendental growth strategies (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this). Imagine for a moment that they are entirely on tap. Now you’re talking!


That’s the phenomenal advantage of our Innovation Ad Hoc Retainer. We at CROFTI can project manage the various stages & phases of the business transformation framework entirely on your behalf and can pick up the slack at any point in your journey.