Utilise cyber forensics to investigate & recover data

Forensic Investigation in the sphere of computing typically relates to the collection & analysis of data, network traces and other forms of digitally-based evidence. This can be from computers, networks and a range of data storage devices. The result of the investigation/s has many potentialities: from mitigating network vulnerabilities (detecting suspicious activity) to resolving business/legal disputes, providing counterintelligence and to further the reporting process in law enforcement.

What is data security?

Data security refers to the protection of data, especially in relation to access from unauthorised and malicious users. There is a great propensity for inadequately or flawed forms of stored electronic information to be misused and corrupted. 

Data Security & privacy:

Logically, the principle & practice of data security encompasses the elements of consumer privacy protection. Sensitive personal information is extracted, held and recalled by digital databases and other forms of electronic/online data collection. The objectives of data security and privacy must be aligned to best serve the consumer’s interest. 

The importance of security monitoring & testing 

Electronic systems are increasingly relied upon by government, business and consumers. This makes the need to secure data even more apparent. Data leaks and security breaches present a massive threat to the very existence of your enterprise and a real danger to the public. Just imagine what might happen if your users’ credentials and personal details were exposed to an open network! 

How data leaks can threaten your business:

When your customers’ privacy is breached, loyalty and repeat business is severely diminished –– impairing your profit margins significantly. Often enough, sensitive information is exposed, such as addresses, bank account details etc. Your organisation is held liable for all the disruptions, disadvantages and dangers incurred by your users, such as identity theft, cyber skimming, and more. 

What does it involve?

CROFTI can perform a Forensic Investigation for your business. It’s not a perfect science –– sometimes we get everything, sometimes we just get a little or nothing at all. But you’d have to agree, ruling out your exposure to data security breaches is well worth the endeavour. 

CROFTI can undertake the following:
  • Recovery of data
  • Analysis of deleted files (who, what, when)
  • Ability to analyse desktop computers, servers, external harddrives, laptops, mobiles, cloud storage etc. 
Our Forensic Investigators can help you in:
  • Uncovering evidence of security breaches or malicious attacks
  • Identifying any other systems that have been impacted or involved
  • Advising on your IT system vulnerability