Cloud Computing

Cloud Migration


By migrating to the cloud, you’ll be able to manage and edit content, as well as communicating and collaborating with colleagues through any device. Enjoy access to all of your content wherever and however you like, along with mobile data protection, email, calendars and file storage and sharing.

While you may currently have some processes and data stored in the cloud, you’re likely not enjoying the full benefits of cloud migration for your business.

  • Tangible Benefits Our Clients Are Enjoying Through Cloud Migration
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Greater efficiency in IT processes
  • Significantly heightened data security
  • Seamless integration with other cloud-based applications
  • More time to spend on increasing output and growing clientele
  • An easier and cheaper means of managing growing storage needs
  • Reduced hardware costs, with no physical server or maintenance required
  • The option for remotely located employees to access applications and work via the internet
  • Assistance with administrative tasks, including software upgrades and periodic maintenance


If you and your company are being slowed down by having to manually send documents between staff, or struggling with the restraints of storing all of your data locally, cloud migration should be a priority for your organisation.

By transforming your business into one that operates fully in the cloud, you’ll enjoy the convenience of seamless cloud access for all of your staff, with real-time editing and 24/7 access to your files and data company-wide.


Our goal is more than just to provide you with a piece of software or hardware. We seek to develop a meaningful partnership with every business we work with, where we can facilitate the kind of efficiency you’ve always dreamed of, and the kind of support you’ve always deserved.

The experts at Crofti will help you choose between a number of cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, SharePoint, G Suite and Office 365. We’ll help you determine which is best for your needs and which will suit your business and its current circumstances. Throughout your cloud migration process, we’re on hand to answer any question and solve any problem.


Many are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite through applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, but beyond its most well-known features, Microsoft offers a seamless cloud migration system with very minimal complications. It’s our personal choice, and the choice of many of our happy clients.

It’s likely you’ve been using the Microsoft Office platform – either at home or in the office – for some time. This kind of familiarity, along with its usability and minimal learning curve, help to make Office 365 the most popular cloud solution for businesses today – especially for small to mid-sized businesses.

By utilising Microsoft Office 365, you’ll not only have a premier cloud platform, but their entire portfolio of products and services at your fingertips, with the latest Microsoft applications and software available to you.

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