Case Study

The Project

Process & System Reviews

WalkerBai have experienced issues when manually setting up project groups and accessing project related files. Currently a team is assigned to create project sites, but this process is time consuming and prone to human error. WalkerBai attempted to come up with a solution to categorise and sort all projects, but still ran into challenges when trying to search or find specific groups.


WalkerBai’s current job creation process involves manually importing folder structures and group permissions for new project.  WalkerBai work on multiple projects simultaneously and require a communication site and storage for each group. WalkerBai have set multiple different set folder structures which are manually imported into each new group.

  • Manually creating each group adds a significant amount of time
  • Individually creating each job site is prone to human error
  • No centralised location for folder structures
  • No current process to update the templates required for projects
  • No way to efficiently locate and search for specific projects, both active and inactive.
  • To provide a solution in automating these procedures, CROFTI was contacted to develop a custom workflow automation
  • Evaluate current workflow procedures and work with WalkerBai to develop a system to automate common tasks
  • Created a template site that can be modified and adjusted to apply to all future projects
  • Developed automated flows to automatically update these templates and apply them to selected groups
  • Recommended a dedicated naming system to allow easier accessibility of locating certain projects.
Results, ROI, & Future Plans

CROFTI worked with WalkerBai to develop a custom-built solution to increase their workflow efficiency. CROFTI’s solution utilised WalkerBai’s existing Microsoft suite to enhance their productivity without the need of a new product.

WalkerBai use the creation form for the automated setup for projects within Microsoft Teams. The team sites provide a central communication hub for all team members of the project, including provided a templated document library. With WalkerBai looking to expand into new departments and grow their business, this automated solution is designed to allow the business to add new templates and categories when required to facilitate the business scaling in the future.

Their future plan is to further expand the business into new sections within Australia and globally.  This includes expanding the business into multiple new departments and growing staff.

CROFTI developed this solution in mind with scalability, allowing the automation tool to assist with these future plans. As the business continues to expand WalkerBai will be able to locate specific groups easier by searching for their specific set code, modify specific group templates when needed and save time by having the group creation process automated.