How will this help protect your business?

Internet Traffic Prescreening & Detection

Before anything even reaches your PC it’s checked for known and suspicious

Proactive Persistent Threat Monitoring

Real people reviewing all programs set to start when your computer does.

Data Leak & Loss Prevention

Monitor, block and report on any sensitive data that is sent from your network and devices. A classic example: If anyone tries to email out credit card details the message is stopped before it’s sent and you’re notified of who and where it was going.


Protect your Microsoft and Google cloud data from accidental or malicious deletions. Everything from emails to cloud storage, safe and sound!

Enterprise Device Protection

Antivirus and intrusion detection that goes beyond the standard scanning. Uses AI and rollback features that can reverse the effects of Ransomware and other damages

DarkWeb Monitoring

Are your staff using their work emails elsewhere? With other vendors maybe? If they get breached, there’s a good chance they use the same password everywhere! We monitor the dark web for breaches and your team’s credentials getting sold on the black market.

Empowering your People

Your staff are your last line of defence. They need to know what to look for, how to check and report issues.

Take back your confidence in the security of your business – regardless of where your workforce is.