Innovations & modern technology since 2014

At CROFTI, innovation strategy is what we live and breathe. Our team finds real purpose and fulfils a vital need for businesses. We genuinely enjoy what we do: energising, engaging and inspiring others on the daily. CROFTI focuses on pioneering technologies and delivering new standards of business optimisation, ensuring your business can capitalise on the growth opportunities that lie ahead. This also includes IT solutions. High-level transformation requires time, patience and persistence. We call this the Innovation Journey and we will guide you through it.


We are 100% dedicated to having positive impact to our clients’ business. Our core values keep us on track.


With a plethora of innovation tools and frameworks available, together we decide the techniques, strategies and formats which best fit your company.


We are alongside you in reaching beyond boundaries, continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving your business in a way that makes us proud.


We support our own team member’s freedom and agency in the same way that we champion our client’s; our passion for innovation comes from the inside-out.


There’s nothing more important than integrity. Our methodologies remain transparent at all times so that our clients can benefit from ultimate peace-of-mind.

Our Team

Meet the people who help innovate & support your business.

We have our eccentric entrepreneurs, our head honchos, our thoughtful/reserved types and last but not least our silent-but-deadly achievers.
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